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Vermouth Carpano Dry

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Vendita e Prezzo Vermouth


Carpano Dry Vermouth was born from an ancient recipe, enriched by the experience of the distilleries Branca in the selection and use of raw materials, respecting and valuing tradition through innovation. Added to this is the contribution of Luca Gardini, award-winning world champion Sommelier. Among the medicinal plants used, the wormwood used in products is grown in Italy and Carpano from pristine mountain areas, therefore more precious and sophisticated. A particular ingredient of Carpano Dry is the Dittany Creticus: an herbaceous plant of the island of Crete which gives the product the typical flavor much sought after from the barman. Carpano Dry stands then for distinctive quality that, as for other products Carpano, connote the main cocktail, thanks to the signing of the "First Vermouth."

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